Physical exerciseHarmony Within - Achieving Mental and Physical Balance

Harmony Within – Achieving Mental and Physical Balance

Harmony within is the result of accepting yourself and all those around you as well as situations around them, both past and present. Harmony within is also vitally important for success, fulfilment, and overall survival.

The new value preference item on balance/harmony is an exciting new addition to our questionnaire, but further research needs to be conducted on this topic to gain a fuller understanding of how people prioritize their priorities and needs.

Identifying Areas of Imbalance

Step one in creating harmony is recognizing when life has become out of sync, often through conversations with close family or friends who recognize an imbalance and offer assistance to restore equilibrium.

Living harmoniously with yourself may seem like an impossible feat, especially to individuals suffering from low self-worth issues. But it is possible to achieve with hard work.

If you have communication issues, look for ways to address them rather than allowing it to control your life. Practice public speaking skills or find other forms of expression such as writing or painting that could help.

Setting Priorities

An awareness of your priorities in life can help you identify what’s consuming too much of your time and energy, as well as create more balance by adopting the Pomodoro Method of 25 minute work sessions followed by 5-minute breaks to reduce stress and avoid burnout.

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Making Changes

If you want to achieve mental and physical balance, making changes is an ongoing journey that takes dedication and persistence, but the results of doing so can make the effort worthwhile.

Changes to diet can help improve both physical and mental wellbeing, while regular physical activity such as exercising can be especially helpful in this regard. Although many activities can help our minds and bodies, overdoing it could prove harmful.

To achieve mental and physical balance, it can be helpful to consider the EBCD model of change.33 This approach fosters an open, compassionate mindset which allows a “brave space” for discord during deliberations meetings, 34 making this a useful method to reduce emotional charged conflicts among groups that have experienced prior discord and to help promote more holistic restructuring of relations where members remain integrated even if they disagree.

Prioritizing Self-Care

People often struggle with prioritizing self-care. This includes not taking regular showers or brushing their teeth, missing meals, agreeing to too many favors for friends and family members etc. To maintain balance it’s essential that we learn to say no when necessary and set boundaries and limits for ourselves.

As it’s also essential that we recognize, prioritizing ourselves is not selfish but essential to both mental and physical wellness. Learning to prioritize ourselves will benefit not only ourselves but those closest to us as well.

Many of my clients express feeling overwhelmed by all that needs to be done and changing habits, but I can help them brainstorm strategies they already use for self-care, such as resting or tasting their favorite food. Once they have some strategies in place, they tend to be more willing to make changes gradually until achieving balance is attained.