24-Hours Emergency Services

The emergencies can happen any time, but it doesn’t matter how severe can it be, rest we assured you that an experienced ER team is always prepared to give you an emergency treatment as fast as possible. On average, our patients will see an ER physician within 10 minutes of their arrival.

To ensure our patients receive high-standard emergency care, Lifeline Hospital is fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology and experienced ER doctors and highly-trained support staff, so you should know that Lifeline Hospital is prepared to address any emergency, putting YOU first. Find our corporate clients list.

Emergency Care Services

  • Emergency surgical services.
  • Functional radiology department.
  • Inpatient care facilities.
  • On-site laboratory for diagnosis.
  • Specialized Senior ER.

For the convenience of our patients and their peace of mind, many of our emergency services are covered by the most popular medical insurance plans.

Procedure Of ER Services

The first thing we do when you arrive at Lifeline Hospital is to complete the patient’s registration. If the patient isn’t able to register herself or himself, an accompanying person may be asked to assist our staff by providing the necessary information. After completing the registration, a triage staff will initiate the evaluation of the patient and decide the situation of urgency.

Triage Evaluation

  • Review the complaint of patients or descriptions of pain.
  • Vital signs measurement.
  • A discussion of medication (if already taken).
  • Patient’s medical history analysis.

After Evaluation

When your evaluation is completed, you can be either:

  • Admitted for further evaluations or treatment.
  • Discharged to return home or elsewhere.

Admitted Patients

If the patient is admitted than they will be treated with respect and care while in the hospital, as received during our emergency medical treatments. You may be asked if you want to communicate with someone, such as family or close friends, to inform them of your stay at our facilities.

Discharged Patients

If the patient is discharged from the hospital, they will be given an educational statement on how to care for themselves after completing the treatments. Be sure to read and fully understand the instructions before leaving the facility in case of any other questions or concerns to present to an employee.