Lifeline Hospital is home to a pool of experienced doctors who have a passion for providing quality healthcare. Lifeline Hospital has been serving with quality medical care, accessible to everybody.

Medical Services

When referred to Lifeline Hospital, skilled medical professionals will provide specialized health care to address your everyday or complex medical needs. Our physicians will visit daily to monitor your health.


Lifeline Hospital’s doctors and nurses take their time to attend you when you are in discomfort, making sure they cover each aspect. We are always here for our patients.

Easy Appointments

Just on a phone call, you can request an appointment. We will schedule an appointment with a doctor.

Top Equipment

At Lifeline Hospital we use cutting-edge technology and latest equipment for diagnosis and treatment.


At Lifeline Hospital, we offer both recommended, and routine vaccinations.

Regular OPD

At Lifeline Hospital, we offer a variety of outpatient clinics to help our patient’s health.

Let Us Introduce Lifeline Hospital

Few Words About Us

Lifeline Hospital is dedicated to providing the best health care to our patients for 12 years. Our patients receiving behavioral health and medical services at our clinic.

How It All Came To Be


Our commitment is to provide patients with the latest innovation in medical technology and service at the right price.

No Better Place To Get Healthy

Visit Lifeline Hospital

We know you have a choice about where to go for your health care. Your time is valuable and it is important that you have quick and easy access to information that can help you make important decisions for you and your family’s health. Whether you’re looking for a doctor or a hospital.


Schedule your appointment now at Lifeline Hospital.

24/7 Pharmacy

Pharmacy catering to the need of the hospital and locality.


The best laboratory that provides 100% accurate results.

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